#100HappyDays Challenge: Day 4 Holding Baby

100 Days of Happy Baby

Today was a busy day at the baseball fields. This little gal is such a cutie and let me hold her for quite awhile before she wanted her mommy back. These reusable ice cubes are always a hit with her because I think she likes the coldness on her gums!

Can I be Happy for 100 Days in a Row? I’m up for the challenge as a reminder to enjoy every moment of every day! 

Indianapolis Indians Game in July

I’m amazed how quickly this summer is passing us by. Most of the spring and summer was consumed with what sometimes seemed to be endless evenings of baseball. While fun, it did make the time fly by.

Since we obviously didn’t get enough Pee Wee or Travel Baseball this season, we took the boys to a Indianapolis Indians game with FREE tickets Bryan won at a golf tourney.

It was hot. I mean hot. Did I say hot?

Like feels like 104 hot.

We did have a slight breeze.

The team gave us a good show. The game was tied 4-4 at the end of the ninth inning. It was fun but not so much fun that we were going to stay all night.

I’m not even sure how the game ended up. It doesn’t matter. What matters is we had fun family time with the boys!

But I must conclude with this funny story.

As we were walking back to our car, we passed the White River Gardens concert. OAR, whoever they are, had performed for the evening. We witnessed a very overly intoxicated woman being pushed in a wheel chair to her car while her husband had a talk with the police. Apparently, it was the talk of the concert.

How embarrassing for her.

It is gone, gone, out of here…

Peyty Pie, as I call him, hit his first over the fence home run at last night’s Pee Wee game.

It came at a critical time when we were only up by 2 runs in a close game against a hard hitting team.

We had two runners on base with 2 outs. First pitch, he swung and it was so out of there!

After that beautiful hit, everyone could breathe a sigh of relief in this close game. We want to keep our undefeated season ya know. Cuz, Pee Wee is LIFE.

We couldn’t find his real home run ball so we think it may have fell into the creek but he was given a new ball which one of the coaches scuffed up a bit to make it look like the home run ball.

Now the home run race is on between two of the 8 year olds on our team.

After the game, we celebrated with dinner at the Dairy Queen with no coupons. Our life is consisting of lots of dinners out right now with our hectic schedule!

Baseball Nightmares.

So will my 8 year old son have nightmares after this past weekend’s baseball game?

He says no.

But when you look up at the game and your child is being chased by the ENTIRE opposing team, you wonder what your child is going to dream about.

It was a game that was really just a comedy of errors. Mostly due to an pimpled faced umpire. I will give it to the ump, he has given us a story we will never forget.

Long after we forget who we played, the outcome of the game, or the date, we will never forget the comedic relief in an tense game.

Here’s the scenario. Peyton, my eight year old son, was on second base. Next batter strikes out. The opposing team all starts to head to the dug out. Peyton heads back to our dug out.

The moms in the stands are trying to figure out how there is 3 outs. Who got out? We are all kind of shaking our heads and looking around. There is only two outs, right?

All of the sudden I look up and I see Peyton racing back out to second base and being chased by the entire opposing team. Really, only one kid could get him out but the whole team was chasing after him.

Lucky for Peyton, he gets his speed from his dad and made it back to second base quickly. Plus, the catcher who was running with the ball tripped. Though, I really doubt they could have outrun a kid who looked like he was running for his life.

Pretty hilarious and it is too bad youtube wasn’t there to film it. Anyone else catch that Michael Scottism?

So that wasn’t even all. There are more unforgettable moments in that game.

It is the top of the 5th inning. The opposing team has a runner on third base.  The runner attempts to steal home. Mind you, it is not a passed ball. So our catcher looking perplexed, stands there with the ball to tag the runner and gets plowed over. (Runners are suppose to slide in any situation like that so he is out regardless.)

Still there is more.

The last  involved the very last moment of the game. The scene: 2 outs. 2 strikes. Our team down by a mere 4 runs. Umpire calls a strike on our batter as the ball is leaving the pitcher’s hands and quickly exits the field. The ball was in the dirt. Hardly, a strike.

Game over. We lost. But we really improved.

{We faced the same team again the next day. We had an adult umpire, which gave me much confidence in how fair the game would be judged. We won by several runs. Amazing how decent umpiring can change the outcome of a game.}

Time Out, I Need to Pick My Nose.

You were probably lured into this post by the title. We will get to that shortly. It will not seem relevant to this post at first glance but you will see….

Since it was nice this weekend, the boys played some baseball. Yes, it is that season already. In fact, our older son’s travel team started practicing indoors in January. So no break in between basketball and baseball in this household.

This will be Eli’s first year to play. He has been talking about it for the past two years. Last year he even worse cleats and an old baseball shirt to almost every one of Peyton’s games.

“When am I going to be five?”

“I can’t wait until I’m five so I can play on Peyton’s baseball team!”

On Saturday, daddy mentioned to the boys in the morning he would pitch them some balls later in the afternoon. Eli was so excited he kept harassing me and asking with a scrunched up nose “When will daddy be home to pitch me some balls?” “Daddy, are you going to pitch me some balls?”

Finally, in the afternoon the boys played some ball in the yard. It was a beautiful day to play outside. I think I even cleaned out my car just to enjoy the day. Anyhoo on to the funny store.

There is always a funny story. If you know Eli, you know you never know what is going to pop out of his mouth and he has the best facial expressions ever.

In the middle of getting pitched balls, Eli had to take a time out to dig for some gold. Apparently, this went on for quite a while. When he found what he needed, it was time again to hit some balls.

I can just imagine this happening during an actual game. Actually, I’m predicting something like that will happen or worse. My prediction:He wil be up to bat during a real game, have to go potty and just whip it out right there. Who knows. Five year olds playing baseball are so entertaining and cute!

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