Wordless Wednesday: Group Selfie

group selfieFlashback to the summer…a group selfie in Daddy’s “old car” after going to a car show!


Wordless Wednesday: This Girl is CRAY CRAY

crazy girlThis is a HAPPY girl with a little crazy mixed in! 🙂


First Day of School 2013

first day of school 2013Unbeknownst to us at the time, this would be our last “First Day of School” photo from this front porch. 9 years I have taken photos from this spot and we moved in October….2013 is the first day for a sophomore, 7th grader, 3rd grader, and 2nd grader. They are growing up way too fast!


Teaching Children Responsibility

I’m all about teaching my children to be productive, responsible people in the real world. I’m very self sufficient and expect others to be too. It’s not always the case.

I know people who are over 25, living on their own, and still have to have their mother make their doctor’s appointments. Really people? This is not teaching them any responsibility, which is a huge problem with the world today.

For example, my child has an appointment every few weeks. She usually has to leave school a few minutes early so she will need a note to get the absence excused. Since I’m normally at work during these appointments, my mom or grandma takes her (which I highly appreciate!) Two times in a row, she forgot to ask the the office for a school excuse slip. The first time, I called and got the note and took care of everything. The second time, I called yet again to get the note.

Then it happened again. Three times in a row. I was so annoyed at this point. I’m sure the doctor’s office was annoyed too and had it noted in their chart somewhere – haha. I didn’t get mad, though. I decided it was time for her to take care of it herself.

I told her she was going to have to call the doctor’s office and take care of this herself. I did have to explain in detail everything to say and the number to call. She was nervous but she agreed. She did it all by herself at fourteen years old, which is better than some adults in their twenties that I know.

Guess what….she hasn’t forgotten to get that note again when she is actually in the office since she had to get it on her own!


So now that the election is over, I can tell a little Eli funny. He can’t get the hang of the name Romney – instead it comes out sounding like Robme, which I ‘m sure some people would have a hey day with! 🙂

First Day of School 2012


2012-08-13 07.35.29


The first day of school is always an exciting time. It’s the only day of the year that I don’t have to wake anyone up or tell them to brush their teeth. Everyone is happy on the first day. That happiness never lasts too long.

This year we had some exciting moments – our oldest is a freshman, we have a middle schooler again, and the youngest is now in school all day long. We also didn’t notice until later that one of the boys wore the same shirt for the first day that he wore the previous year. it’s a nice shirt so I’m glad it still fit. He told me “Well, mom it is the nicest shirt I have.” At least he wanted to make a good impression. With a new teacher, she had no clue! Completely different look to because he has his front teeth now.

it’s cute because little girl is starting a trend with wearing a flower head band for the first day of school!

The Bus Incident

It’s never good to start your morning with a phone call from your oldest daughter who is hysterical. When I finally got it out of her, I was less than pleased to put it politely.

Apparently, her younger brother (11) had been pestering her on the bus that morning. You know how younger brothers are. They are annoying but we still love them. They are required to share a seat with our youngest daughter (5). There were a few words exchanged, some sibling pushing, and then the final knock out punch.

She was seconds from getting off the bus as the bus had pulled into her middle school. I’m sure the anger and annoyance with her younger brother had been building since way before they were assigned the same seat on the bus.

Let’s just show you the damage.

Not only did we have to make a trip to the emergency room to make sure he didn’t need a stitch (he didn’t) it also cost her 5 days out of school suspension. Yes, the handbook still applies even if it is more of a domestic issue.

Five day suspension equaled a five day vacation. Yeah, I did make her do some filing at my office, laundry at home, and work on her schoolwork during this time. However, it is still not the same as having to be in school. Didn’t seem like a punishment at all. Plus, common sense have you thinking this situation could have been punished differently.

This is mainly a Public Service Announcement to all brothers and sisters out there. Do not fight with your sibling on school property as you could get punished per the no-tolerance policy at your school. Even threatening to punch them later at home could land in you in suspension land!

By the way, now in Indiana punishment and education have to be separate. When I was a kid back in the day, if you were suspended you did not get to make up your work. Now you are a allowed to make it up. This is good and bad. As many of the kids now have to spend the time while on suspension on their school work but it also leaves me the question – WHAT IS THE PUNISHMENT?

I’m glad to know that my oldest daughter can handle herself should the situation arise, next time let’s use our words.


Sofia + High Heels = I Don’t Think So

Sofia, who was five years old in this picture, is desperately wanting a pair of high heels. Of course, she thinks these size 9 women’s high heel boots fit her perfectly and would be great for school.

This mom thinks NOT!

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