Elizabeth Will Be So Excited

Today I received this text from my husband.

Elizabeth will be so excited.  I can’t wait

HUH? I read it and I’m like who is this Elizabeth and why are you excited? After two seconds, I realized the auto type on his phone had assumed he wanted to say Elizabeth instead of Eli.

Must read before hitting send. I do similar stuff all the time. Auto text is convenient but sometimes it messes up stuff too.

We had just been talking about his shoe size. Elizabeth will be excited about her his new shoes.

Facebook Statuses from Dad when Mom is Away

Picture 11

Picture 14

Picture 12

Apparently, my family enjoyed his Facebook Statuses while I was at the Blissdom Conference at the beginning of February. It snowed quite a bit while I was gone. I didn’t miss that but I did miss them.

And You Think They Aren't Learning Anything in School


Laser Tag

I’m so lame with my personal blog. This has been in my “saved” drafts since October 2009. This is not a spot for up to the date information!

Laser tag was not originally on my 40×40 list. However, I’m adding it in. It is something everyone should on their “list” of things they want to do.

It was my oldest son, Peyton, ninth birthday over the past weekend. I really don’t know what I was thinking but we let him invite 4 friends to go play laser tag in lieu of a “traditional” family party. Since my little brother’s birthday is just the next week, we combined groups and he invited 3 friends too.


For those of you just joining in, my little brother is 21 years younger than me. I have a daughter that is older than her “uncle.” Peyton and Braden are exactly 51 weeks apart and routinely share a birthday party for convenience. They are more like brothers or cousins than uncle/nephew.

Our vehicle consisted of Bryan, Peyton + 4 friends, Sofia, and me. Uh, yeah, I heard my lifetime quota of  balls and stinky farts in that 45 minute drive. Apparently, my son is very normal because all of his peers talk about the same two topics.

Because I had Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons, (imagine that, right?)  and only nine eligible kids to play Laser Tag, we had a spot each game for an adult to play. Bryan reluctantly took the duty first round. I knew he would love it, though. He was the sniper and you could see him hopping around as much as the kids.


Same with dad/grandpa.  He was overheard from the observation deck hollering, “So this is where all the weenies are!” They pretended like they didn’t really want to play but the little kid came out in all of us.

Finally, it was my turn. Somehow I ended up on a team with all adults and the NINE boys in our group were on the opposite team. Needless to say, once one of them hit me, they surrounded me and wouldn’t go away!

I will say it was one of the best nights in a long time. I should have played more than one game but it was hot, I’m aging, and hopelessly out of shape. It is a fun way to get your adrendaline up and spend quality time with the kids. Somehow Laser Tag did not end up on my 40×40 list but it should have been.

Oh, and the little boys had fun too! (wink)

Eli was almost old enough to play but it was probably better he didn’t. I don’t think it would have been a safety issue for him but here’s the scene that played out in my head. Eli gets shot in laser tag. He can’t shoot anyone else for those 10 seconds so he gets upset. Ridiculously upset, which is the only way he works upset. Threatens to throw his gun out at the kid who got him and then gets us all kicked out.

Or maybe he would have been perfectly fine and oblivious to the fact that he got shot.  He will have to wait until he is six to find out!

Sofia played some arcade games and kept turning in her points for candy. Candy is her number one priority in life so she had a great night.

Of course, any kind of event involving my little brother, Braden,  is not complete until he throws up, which he did right before we were headed into eat pizza!

Wordless Wednesday: The Little Things

These are the things interesting to an almost 4 year old.




This one has been digitally mastered to hide the subject’s flaws a bit.

I look like an Alien

Sofia is just getting into drawing people. Here’s how she depicts our family.

Sofia Art Work

No arms. Just heads and legs. Apparently, my head looks like an Alien head. Plus, she giggled and gave me a nose on my forehead.

Daddy has special hair.

There is a few extra people in there. Apparently, she wants a baby in the house.

Uh, sorry, that isn’t happening.

We had some good laughs over this family portrait.

Why is Peyton Manning Mad?

“Why is Peyton Manning mad?”

This is what my five year old son asks me when he comes into the living room last night. What an observant question.

I was really mad to see the Colts blow away a perfect season last night. I can imagine how a competitor like Peyton Manning felt. One thing I do know, is I.would.not. have wanted to be in the locker room after the game. I’m imagining creepy silence.

Then, the booing from the crowd when Painter came on the field. I don’t think they were necessarily booing the homegrown rookie quarterback but booing at the decision to take out the starters. Yeah, if Painter would have come out with 2 touchdowns and won the game, I think the booing would have ceased.

We kn0w from past experience when the Colts rest the starters, we don’t succeed. Why not learn from history?

I read tweets on twitter about the depth of our team when you take Peyton Manning out. Yes, Peyton Manning is important in many ways. Most of all for morale. You have confidence when Peyton Manning is playing.

When you have the back up quarter back or the back up to the back up quarterback playing, you kind of watch the game with your eyes half open.  You cringe hoping that nothing terrible happens. Then it does.

Is the off chance that a starter might get hurt during a game with no meaning? But shouldn’t every game have meaning? Shouldn’t every game be played with 100% strength?

The only solace I receive from this loss is that the Steelers may not make the playoffs because the Jets won.

Is Santa Real?

“Is Santa Real?”

This burning question from a five year old. Instead of waiting Eli answers his own question. “Santa is dead.”

Ah, uh, okay. That is rather morbid.

“Santa is dead because last year I wasn’t good and I still got presents. If Santa was still alive, he wouldn’t bring me presents because I wasn’t good.”

Hmm. Interesting.

It kinds of continues the conversation from last year with this statement, “I wasn’t good this year but Santa still brought me presents.” We chuckled at this four year old’s statement.

So this year we are even more baffled? Maybe, a lump of coal this year would make him believe Santa IS real? I’m sure “Santa” is considering that possibility right now.

Oh, yeah, and I apologize to any parents in his preschool class. He has been having arguments with kids about this very subject.

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