I’ve Stopped Wearing Eyeliner and Love It!

For most of my adult life, I’ve felt that eyeliner is the only way to complete my look in the morning. If I didn’t have eyeliner on, then I felt that I might as well be wearing my pajamas. I felt naked without it. I felt like my look was incomplete. I felt like I looked tired if I wasn’t wearing it.

Well now I’m stopping this madness.

The dark side of eyeliner is that by the end of the day it looks like crap. It has smeared. It is nearly impossible to get off when you use liquid eyeliner without buying special makeup removal products. I looked gross by the end of the day.

After not wearing eye liner for almost two weeks, I can say I’m HAPPY to not be wearing it. Less hassle at the end of the day with removing my makeup and less time I’m spending in the mornings putting it on. I also have not had any questions or looks that seem to imply I look like crap either. Haha. The one person who would tell me didn’t say anything so I asked. He hadn’t noticed. So there ya go.

This is not to say that I will never wear eyeliner again. However, it will now be reserved for special occasions only and not everyday wear!


  1. I used to think that if I were to stop wearing makeup, I would be considered less attractive and date-able by the opposite sex. In reality, I met my significant other while tripping through the moist Indonesian jungles.

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