I Deactivated Facebook…

As a blogger, Facebook is a large part of my life. However, I made a decision after weeks of pondering to deactivate my personal Facebook account.  Luckily, I still had a business profile so I am still able to post on my business pages.

Why did I deactivate Facebook? 

Of course, there was a final straw. However, legally, at this point, I’m not allowed to talk about it. It was more than slightly disturbing and just more proof of the idiotic people in this world. Especially ones that don’t know the difference between their/there/they’re. If you are going to send harassing messages or get in an argument on Facebook, you should at least try to make sure you don’t have glaring grammatical mistakes in your messages.

The thing about Facebook is there is quite a bit of bitching that happens. Yes, I’ve been guilty of it myself. Hence, deactivation. I just hate when I come in with a commonsense comment with a logical resolution and I get bombarded by idiots.

Example: The funny part about this story is I thought nothing after my postings on a recent Halloween bitch-fest> People were ticked because our town didn’t change hours even though we were supposed to get a huge storm. Apparently, this equaled our town and leaders hating children. It is the only logical conclusion that a reasonable person could come to after reading the mayor’s letter. {sarcasm} BTW, it rained most of the evening on Halloween but not quite the storms predicted.  It wasn’t all that bad plus there were churches that had indoor activities so plenty of darn places for your kids to get their free candy. Anyway, I  ticked someone off that is a friend of a friend. So much so that she told her elementary aged child that “we were in a fight on Facebook.” My third grader comes home telling me this and I was like, “what?” I don’t even know who this woman is! Then I search my email for Facebook comments. I couldn’t find mine because the original poster had deleted the conversation. However, I did come across this golden nugget, which kind of tells you the mentality that I’m dealing with…


This also means I need to add “there’s” as a new variation of theirs. I just can’t even….Are/our, holy run-on and fragmented sentences. This is an actual adult who wrote this post.

I know I’m not perfect at grammar and everyone makes mistakes but sooooo many in one short Facebook comment. This is something that you can’t quite blame on auto-correct either! Obviously, I can’t keep my fingers from typing when on Facebook and the idiots will not be going away so deactivation here I come. BTW, this was not my final straw. There is even worse (more worse – hahahahaha) stuff that has happened since this alleged Facebook “fight.”

My core reasons to deactivate:

  • Less time on Facebook = more time work on other things.
  • Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing/saying/posting/etc.
  • Won’t be annoyed/ticked off with idiotic posts and idiotic people.
  • Small town gossip that is spread via Facebook with vague postings that everyone starts to talk about.
  • Adult bullying of children that they believe are bullies via Facebook.
  • Messages from people wanting donations, home party invites from random-ish people, etc.
  • Braggy posts that make you want to vomit about alleged perfect lives. (We all know that is NOT true!)
  • Starting to dislike people solely based on their Facebook posts.
  • Knowing way too many details about people.
  • Reading drama that has nothing to do with me just out of sheer curiosity. It is just a time waster.
  • Stalkers. Yes, I have them. Again, not my final straw but at least if people want to stalk me now, it will benefit me from them visiting my actual websites instead of just on Facebook.

Am I having withdrawals?

Surprisingly, I am not. I thought it would be extremely hard for me to quit Facebook. However, I stay in touch with the people that are my actual friends on text message, phone calls, and in person.

Bonus is that I will be posting more on my personal website! I know you are thrilled. All two readers that I have! 🙂

Oh and I also deactivated my personal Twitter account too. It used to be my sanctuary from Facebook but too many local folks are now joining so I’m done with it.

Future of my Facebook Account?

I’m sure I will reactivate my account.  However, I will not have the app on my phone or my iPad. This will limit me to just viewing Facebook when on the computer to keep up with the long distance friends & family that I want to keep up with!

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