So now that the election is over, I can tell a little Eli funny. He can’t get the hang of the name Romney – instead it comes out sounding like Robme, which I ‘m sure some people would have a hey day with! 🙂

Sofia + High Heels = I Don’t Think So

Sofia, who was five years old in this picture, is desperately wanting a pair of high heels. Of course, she thinks these size 9 women’s high heel boots fit her perfectly and would be great for school.

This mom thinks NOT!

My Morning Walk

Today’s run started off with the Band Perry if I Die Young song, which broke me out into tears. Note to self, not a good running song! It’s not like my mind doesn’t already go that direction when I’m alone with my thoughts!

Next, a bug flew into my mouth as I was running and got stuck in the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it. I tried to spit it out. It wouldn’t come out. Until, of course, I vomited it up.

I noticed the neighbor’s garage door open so hopefully they didn’t witness any of this. Lucky them if they did! I’m guessing they didn’t because we live in such a friendly neighborhood, they would have asked if I was okay! 🙂

At least I didn’t have to worry about the Nutella calories from my special Nutella pastry I had this morning.  Though, I may not be eating Nutella or berries for awhile. Needless to say I ended my run a little early than normal to get home, rinse my mouth, brush extra good and what not.

Then, I kind of laughed because I know my brother would have laughed his ass off to hear that story of me eating the bug. He would have thoroughly enjoyed my misery. He may have even harassed me a little about eating meat.

Disney World Trip 2010: Lost Kids, Trapped on Rides, and Just Complete Fun!


Of all people, my dad was the one who got us this deal to go to Disney World. My kids have NEVER been and I had been feeling guilty because my oldest child was almost 11 and never had experienced the magic of Disney.  My parents took me to Disney World when I was 10 and I visited Disney Land twice as a teenager.

We stayed off campus at a nice resort. It would be nice to go back and actually stay at a Disney resort for convenience.

We spent day one at the Animal Kingdom, which was cool but very packed. The highlight of the day was seeing Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. She actually touched our stroller as they were going into the back entrance of a ride while we were shopping in a gift shop. They look exactly like they do on tv! 🙂

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Elizabeth Will Be So Excited

Today I received this text from my husband.

Elizabeth will be so excited.  I can’t wait

HUH? I read it and I’m like who is this Elizabeth and why are you excited? After two seconds, I realized the auto type on his phone had assumed he wanted to say Elizabeth instead of Eli.

Must read before hitting send. I do similar stuff all the time. Auto text is convenient but sometimes it messes up stuff too.

We had just been talking about his shoe size. Elizabeth will be excited about her his new shoes.

Is Santa Real?

“Is Santa Real?”

This burning question from a five year old. Instead of waiting Eli answers his own question. “Santa is dead.”

Ah, uh, okay. That is rather morbid.

“Santa is dead because last year I wasn’t good and I still got presents. If Santa was still alive, he wouldn’t bring me presents because I wasn’t good.”

Hmm. Interesting.

It kinds of continues the conversation from last year with this statement, “I wasn’t good this year but Santa still brought me presents.” We chuckled at this four year old’s statement.

So this year we are even more baffled? Maybe, a lump of coal this year would make him believe Santa IS real? I’m sure “Santa” is considering that possibility right now.

Oh, yeah, and I apologize to any parents in his preschool class. He has been having arguments with kids about this very subject.


apple sauce

Apparently, to my three year old daughter that is what mommy smells like.

At first I was a little puzzled because while I was holding her. She said, “Mommy, your hair smells like applesauce.” I just kind of chuckled.

Then I looked at my lotion I used this morning and it was a CVS Brand, Essence of Beauty in Pomegranate Apple.

Kids are so cute.

Doubling Dating

I could probably have a blog just on the hilarious things that Eli tells us. Seriously. He has some outrageous stories. I really need to start documenting them better to torture him when he is older.

He comes home from preschool one day last spring and quips that “Meghan is doubling date me and Trey.”

So I replied, you mean Trey is going out with another girl?

“No, she is doubling dating both of us.”

Hannah, who is eleven, screeched, “Eli, that isn’t double dating, that is cheating.” Of course, then Hannah runs off to text Meghan’s older sister to tell her the latest Meghan/Eli drama.

His hopes were dashed. He stood there looking confused and defeated. But, really, preschoolers “dating.” The whole scenario is comical.

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