I Don’t Want You to Understand How This Feels

Family Photo from the 80s

Every few months I have dinner with my friends from high school. For the past couple of years, we have been trying to reconnect even though we are all different stages in our life. It has been fairly easily to pick right up where we left off and it is always a time I enjoy.

Sometimes I wonder if people forget, if they don’t realize what they are saying, or realized what they said afterwards and are like “Oh, shit.”

I didn’t say anything at the time but the conversation made me very uncomfortable. As you know if you read this blog, I lost my brother several years ago to an untimely and unexpected death. It has been incredibly hard for me. I know what it is like to lose a sibling, a sibling that was my only sibling growing up.

Anyway, I don’t think my friends even realized what they said when they were casually mentioning how they don’t know how they could go on if they lost their parents and how we were getting to that age where this would start happening with our friends. They couldn’t even imagine.

{uncomfortable agreement and feelings from me}

I don’t know what it feels like to lose a parent. But I sure know  hard as hell what it feels like to lose a sibling. To watch your parents suffer in agony over the loss of a child. This maybe one of the most painful and gut wrenching experience of my life.

Trust me, I don’t want to face the inevitable fact that my parents will eventually die. I definitely don’t wish dying before them upon them. I don’t think either one of them could survive losing another child.

Yes, I know how it feels to lose a sibling. To lose that one and only person that knows what kind of crazy childhood you had. To lose a sibling that never had a family of his own. To lose that special bond with.

My parents are my best friends and we are incredibly close. I feel lucky that they were young parents so hopefully I have still have many, many years before I have to worry about losing them.

But did they even realize how that sounded to someone who had lost someone very close to them? I doubt it but I wouldn’t wish them understanding that feeling either!

Blog Friends become REAL Friends

In the past few months since I began blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to meet my online friends IN REAL LIFE. They are actual people just like me!

I’ve been really behind on blogging as I still need to blog about my Blissdom trip. But first, I want to write about the great local ladies I met last month.

After emailing back and forth for several months and discussing how we needed to meet up,  Cherie aka The Queen of Free and I finally set a date and opened it up to anyone who wanted to come. I was going to cry if no one showed up.

So after finally finding Joanna through twitter. I still feel bad that Sarah and I were chatting outside and didn’t even know Joanna was sitting inside waiting for us. We think she walked in with the high school volleyball players and just blended right in. Cherie was running late because of the traffic. She was coming all the way from the Southside.

Sarah and I actually kind of saw each other briefly at the Ridemakerz Event back in December but we didn’t really have the opportunity to talk since we were occupied with our children that day. I found out that it is a very small world as her husband works for a company that we interact with.

While we came together for our love of blogging, I think we chatted about non-blogging stuff just as much. I had a blast and hope I can make it to the next one. We closed down MacAllister’s on that Saturday night! I think they were ready to get rid of us but scared to kick us out since we were armed with laptops!

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