Brave Face

I put on a brave face each day. There are times of laughter and joy but only to hide the sadness I feel each and every day.

Every single day,  I think about you.

Every single day,  I wish that you were not gone.

Every single day, I wish I had 5 more minutes.

Every single day, I think of my parents and how much sadness they feel. I see it in their eyes every time I see them.

Almost every day, Eli tells me he “wishes that Uncle Billie didn’t die because I loved him.”

Every single day,  I put my brave face on after I sob in the shower.

Every day, I hope that my brother knew how much I loved him!



  1. I can’t tell you how much you’ve spoken to me in your time of grieve. I recently lost my sister and sister in law within a span of a month of each other about 8 months ago… the grieve has lifted some for me with God’s help but believe me I still think every single one of those thoughts you wrote. Praying for you and your family.

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