Gear Shift and Window Wipes are not to be confused.

I have to admit something in this post. I left my 10 year old and 8 year old in the van while I dropped the younger two children off at daycare. I know lock me up now! Mind you, the daycare is attached to a church in a very safe neighbor with no drive through traffic. It is a secure spot behind the church with only one entrance/exit.

While I was walking out of daycare, this older gentleman, who I have never seen before, stops me and asks if I am the owner of the silver mini-van. Uh, yeah, I am. What did my kids do? In my mind, I’m thinking he was mooned, someone stuck his tongue out at him, the two kids were fighting to the death in the back seat….

The story went in a direction that I did not expect. He claims my son was in the front seat trying to move the gears. He went on and on about how dangerous it was, blah, blah… I thanks him for the information but I knew it didn’t sound right. While Peyton may be ornery, he would not try to drive off in my car, right?

As soon as I got into the car, the both kids started telling me about how this weird man tried to get in the car and told them not to mess with the shifter. Come to find out my son was turning on the window wipers which are to the right side of the steering wheel where a gear shift is sometimes located. In my Honda van, however, the gear shift is closer to the radio panel than to the steering wheel. Since it was raining and both kid’s stories matched up, it made complete sense.

So in fact, in an effort to be “safety” conscious, this man freaked my kids out by trying to get in the car and talk to them when he was a stranger to them. I know he was probably harmless but they didn’t know that.

I don’t really know what the point of this story is besides the old man probably went around telling everyone he knew about an untrue story about a kid trying to move the gear shifter while the mom wasn’t in the car….the things that irritate me…

Finding a New Pediatrician

After having an appointment with our Pediatrican, we learned the hospital decided not to renew her contract and the practice will be closed by June 1st. If she finds a new position before then, she will probably leave sooner. This is very sad to me as we’ve grown to love our Ped and the entire staff  (love you Max!) over the many years we’ve been patients.

Everyone has their own opinions and her approach wasn’t maybe for everyone. Personally, I prefer a doctor doesn’t use her script pad like it is going out of style. Some people, though, prefer to have a prescription written every single time they see the doctor. You really just have to find a doctor that fits you.

We live in a small town with very little choices. I really prefer to have a Pediatrician treating my children as that is their speciality and they won’t accidentially give you the wrong dosage of samples for  your child which causes you to have to call poison control or prescribe medication you should not take while pregnant. Plus, many of the established doctors are not taking new patients. For now, we are staying with our current Pediatrician but I’m on the look out for a new one as I don’t want an emergency situation to happen and not have an established doctor for my children.

Apparently, I’m going to have to drive at least 20 minutes north or south to find a Pediatrician. Bummer. I loved having one right in town as it was very convenient.

Which brings me to the “Clarian” issue. Since Clarian bought Tipton Hospital, things have been changing and NOT for the better in my opinion. The recently renovated OB department is gone. Even in an emergency they are not equipped to deliver a baby so you might as well just keep driving and not even bother stopping. The Emergency Room is beautiful but they can’t help you in an emergency delivery. I wonder how long before they decide to not renew the OB’s contract?

I’m sure the reason the Pediatrician’s contract was not renewed was all about the money. It doesn’t have to do with caring about the young people in our community or wanting to retain young families. Having a Pediatrician in town, I believe, is a big positive for a small town like ours. If we want to attract young families to substain our town, I believe it needs to offer services for families like an OB department, Pediatrician, etc.

Were you aware of the big price differences between hospital? One procedure may be twice as high as another hospital which just as good ratings. This is true of Tipton Hospital. At my real life job I work closely with our insurance company as we have a self funded plan, and our administrator also commented on how Tipton Hospital was much higher than other hospitals.

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