So now that the election is over, I can tell a little Eli funny. He can’t get the hang of the name Romney – instead it comes out sounding like Robme, which I ‘m sure some people would have a hey day with! 🙂

Hi, Uncle Billie

It has been several months but the pain is still there. The questions from the kids are still there. The sadness is still there. It’s a little farther under the surface but it is still there every day.

Often, Eli is the one who mentions randomly how much he misses Uncle Billie and wishes he didn’t die.  Sofia said that Uncle Billie is the one who always protected her from my parent’s dogs. He would chuckle at her absurd fear as he held her up far away from the slobbering dogs. He was a huge part of their lives.

Sometimes I forget where I’m at and drive by his grave site.  The first time I did Eli rolled down his window and yelled “Hi, Uncle Billie,” out the window. Sofia, of course, chimed in. It wasn’t their usually rowdiness but more of a stoic “Hi.”

Of course, this made me bawl. If I didn’t cry anymore, I would wonder what was wrong with me!

This irony in this is my brother (Uncle Billie) would often drive by our Grandpa Bill’s grave, also his namesake, and honk and yell “Hi, Grandpa.”


All the Kids Are in School!


It’s that time of year…back to school time! It’s time for parents to breathe a sign of relief or cry. Whatever suits you best!


Of course, the day would NOT be complete without a little friendly teasing from your older brothers…which caused this…



Which I was able to turn into this…


They didn’t even look back…




Indianapolis Indians Game in July

I’m amazed how quickly this summer is passing us by. Most of the spring and summer was consumed with what sometimes seemed to be endless evenings of baseball. While fun, it did make the time fly by.

Since we obviously didn’t get enough Pee Wee or Travel Baseball this season, we took the boys to a Indianapolis Indians game with FREE tickets Bryan won at a golf tourney.

It was hot. I mean hot. Did I say hot?

Like feels like 104 hot.

We did have a slight breeze.

The team gave us a good show. The game was tied 4-4 at the end of the ninth inning. It was fun but not so much fun that we were going to stay all night.

I’m not even sure how the game ended up. It doesn’t matter. What matters is we had fun family time with the boys!

But I must conclude with this funny story.

As we were walking back to our car, we passed the White River Gardens concert. OAR, whoever they are, had performed for the evening. We witnessed a very overly intoxicated woman being pushed in a wheel chair to her car while her husband had a talk with the police. Apparently, it was the talk of the concert.

How embarrassing for her.

Eli Wishes…

Almost every day, Eli (6) tells me he “wishes that Uncle Billie didn’t die because I loved him.” He also said he feels sorry for my even younger brother (11) who doesn’t have anyone to play with at home now.

I try to encourage him to talk about Billie whenever this occurs since kids have such a hard time processing death. Who am I kidding, adults have a hard time processing death too.

It did bring up a funny story Eli told me about Billie playing air soft guns with them. I’m not sure if he was really playing them or just got caught in the cross-hairs. Apparently, my little brother shot him in the back with the air soft gun, which made me giggle a bit because I’m sure Billie just laughed about it!

Wordless Wednesday: {Eli Love His Vest}



Wordless Wednesday: Eli Goofing

Why is Peyton Manning Mad?

“Why is Peyton Manning mad?”

This is what my five year old son asks me when he comes into the living room last night. What an observant question.

I was really mad to see the Colts blow away a perfect season last night. I can imagine how a competitor like Peyton Manning felt. One thing I do know, is I.would.not. have wanted to be in the locker room after the game. I’m imagining creepy silence.

Then, the booing from the crowd when Painter came on the field. I don’t think they were necessarily booing the homegrown rookie quarterback but booing at the decision to take out the starters. Yeah, if Painter would have come out with 2 touchdowns and won the game, I think the booing would have ceased.

We kn0w from past experience when the Colts rest the starters, we don’t succeed. Why not learn from history?

I read tweets on twitter about the depth of our team when you take Peyton Manning out. Yes, Peyton Manning is important in many ways. Most of all for morale. You have confidence when Peyton Manning is playing.

When you have the back up quarter back or the back up to the back up quarterback playing, you kind of watch the game with your eyes half open.  You cringe hoping that nothing terrible happens. Then it does.

Is the off chance that a starter might get hurt during a game with no meaning? But shouldn’t every game have meaning? Shouldn’t every game be played with 100% strength?

The only solace I receive from this loss is that the Steelers may not make the playoffs because the Jets won.

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