Wordless Wednesday 6/17



I can ride with no training wheels

Last night, my mom had both of my youngest kids over to spend the night. Somehow Sofia maneuvered  her way into going. I think it was the “I’m going to your house”  in a sweet voice combined with her you can’t say no to me smile. Who can say no to that?

While we were doing the kid exchange in town, Eli kept asking me to go home and get his bike. Uh, no, we live across the county from my parents and I would be 35 minute round trip not including all the chit chat time! I suggested he offered my brother $1 to come to our house and get it. He doesn’t have anything better to do, ha!

After arriving at the house, Eli was bugging  my dad and brother to drive to our house and get his bike. My dad, not knowing Eli had never rode a bike without training wheels, suggested Eli ride my youngest brother’s orange bike.  My youngest brother (9) gives Eli a little push and he is off! Seriously, it was that easy. He wasn’t even wobbly or anything.

I was told he did have a few close moments but it doesn’t sound like anything we had with our two older children.

I feel a little guilty because Eli had been asking us to take his training wheels off his bike since he turned 5. According to Eli, once you turn 5 you can just magically ride your bike with no training wheels and he was right!

Here’s the video my mom sent me of Eli taking off on his bike (note he is wearing a safety helmet!):

While this was all going on, the two older kids and I decided to make it movie night at our local theater, which is really cheap $2 for kids and $4 for adults.  Plus, the concessions is just as reasonable. We watched Night at the Museum 2 and while it was funny and enjoyable and it was a little over the top!

It was odd to be a movie and not have to really chase anyone around. Hannah and Peyton sat in the third row with friends who were also at the movie. I sat completely by myself and was actually able to enjoy the movie.  Minus the two times the kids wanted money from me for popcorn & cokes! It was really weird.

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