My Stay in Disney’s Cinderella Castle

The first official day of the Disney Social Media Moms conference something magical happened. One of my best blogging friends, Andrea, won a night’s stay in Disney’s Princess Castle.

Right before her number was called in the random raffle drawing, she leaned over to me a whispered, “Forgot the other prizes, the Princess Castle is what I want.”  I noticed Crystal was holding her breathe before the final number was called and Andrea was rather quiet too. Then all of the sudden, Andrea is saying “Shut Up.” She reads back the numbers and it is her number! You can see Andrea hopping up to claim her prize.

After winning, she learns she can have up to 6 guests stay with her in the castle. When she asked if I wanted to stay, of course, I said YES!!!! First, I had to ask my aunts if it was okay if I stayed the night as they would have to watch the two little ones. They were emphatic that I go as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I didn’t even know the Princess Castle existed.  You can’t buy your way into the castle even though rich folks and dignitaries have tried. You have to have a special invitation to stay in the most exclusive spot in perhaps the world?

We were whisked away right after the conference sessions at 4 p.m., which made for a completely whirlwind day. I had no idea when I started my day I would end up in the Princess Castle. Considering this was my first time to stay on Disney property and I said at two of the nicest places The Grand Floridian and Cinderella’s Castle, I think I am now spoiled!

Our first guide Sean, explained that we would have our own personal guide around the park and we would be able to shop, eat, ride rides, or just chill in the suite for the evening. Steve, our guide for the evening, was basically our human “Fast Pass.” He was able to get us into even ride we possibly wanted without any wait, which is quite a way to spoil a girl! 🙂

We were also given lawn seats to the Castle/Fireworks show as well as front row seats to the evening parade. These are just a few of the perks of staying in the Castle.

The Cinderella Suite is absolutely fabulous. Upon taking a private elevator up to the suite, you enter into the hallway, where there is detailed artwork, Cinderella’s crystal slipper, and more!

We were welcomed by chocolate, strawberries, and drinks!

The next morning we were brought back to reality after having a magical breakfast with the princesses, which is something anyone can do by making reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Table.

You can see more pictures below:

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Disclosure: I paid to attend the Disney Social Media Conference. In return, I received highly discounted park tickets, hotel, and a gift bag. There was no monetary compensation or posts required in exchange for this package.

Blog Friends become REAL Friends

In the past few months since I began blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to meet my online friends IN REAL LIFE. They are actual people just like me!

I’ve been really behind on blogging as I still need to blog about my Blissdom trip. But first, I want to write about the great local ladies I met last month.

After emailing back and forth for several months and discussing how we needed to meet up,  Cherie aka The Queen of Free and I finally set a date and opened it up to anyone who wanted to come. I was going to cry if no one showed up.

So after finally finding Joanna through twitter. I still feel bad that Sarah and I were chatting outside and didn’t even know Joanna was sitting inside waiting for us. We think she walked in with the high school volleyball players and just blended right in. Cherie was running late because of the traffic. She was coming all the way from the Southside.

Sarah and I actually kind of saw each other briefly at the Ridemakerz Event back in December but we didn’t really have the opportunity to talk since we were occupied with our children that day. I found out that it is a very small world as her husband works for a company that we interact with.

While we came together for our love of blogging, I think we chatted about non-blogging stuff just as much. I had a blast and hope I can make it to the next one. We closed down MacAllister’s on that Saturday night! I think they were ready to get rid of us but scared to kick us out since we were armed with laptops!

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