Oh Mr. Camel




Oh Mr. Camel, how many years have you been hiding in my China Cabinet? And why are you facing the South?


Breakfast is a favorite time in our household. Apparently.

This is a typical good night:

“Love you mom. See you in the morning. Make me a good breakfast.”

I’m like, seriously, this little one is already planning on breakfast while they are preparing for bed?

So you may be asking yourself? Well, what kind of grand breakfast does Briana prepare for them?

Breakfast is typically cereal, breakfast bar, toaster strudel, frozen waffles, toast, eggs, or eggs in a basket. So the options are not always sweet options. They love it when I make eggs in a basket too.

Peyton, at just eight years old, will also make everyone eggs if he gets up early enough! Eli can make everything up to the eggs. Hannah can make everything too but she usually isn’t thrilled about it.

Now, I didn’t realize what a big deal breakfast was for the kids until I had a curious question from grandma. After spending a soccer practice with Sofia, my mom asked me “What are these Toaster Strudels I keep hearing about?”

Hilarious. All she talked about was how she liked to eat toaster strudels, “grandma, do you have toaster strudels at your house,” discussing how her brothers try to eat all the toaster strudels. Obsessed with the silly toaster strudels.

The funny part about it is I rarely buy toaster strudels. Only if there are part of a rocking sale do I buy them so they truly are smoking hot sweet treat for the kids!

Doesn’t take much to win them over. Offer toaster strudels as part of the package and they will love you forever.

Plumbing Humor: Turd Whisperer

Time for a little break for plumbing humor! There is always something  funny going on around here. Plumbers, really, who are more hilarious than them?

The other day my aunt sent me a texted message:

I am behind a plumbing van. Above the doors it says “Turd Whisperer!” LOL

Hilarious. The most hilarious part is this is part of his advertising campaign. It is pretty funny but I don’t know if I would want that on my work vehicle. Sounds like something more acceptable for a facebook or twitter profile.¬† Not something we’d be putting on business cards, ya know. Some people just aren’t going to be getting that humor.

Then again, maybe it is brilliant. With all the plumbing companies out there, you aren’t going to forget about the turd whisperer. Next thought, you’ve kind of pigeon-holed yourself into only doing toilet work. What if you are really good at unclogging hairy drains too?

Which got me thinking about another campaign from a popular movie.

There is something strange in your toilet bowl. Who ya goin’ call? The Turd Busters.

It is yet to be determined if my aunt is in Indiana or in Florida right now. So if you live in one of those states be on the lookout for the “Turd Whisperer.”

Heather sent me a tweet stating there is a plumbing business in her area that advertises “We’re #1 in the #2 business!” More proof that plumbers have the best sense of humor about their chosen career path.

Gear Shift and Window Wipes are not to be confused.

I have to admit something in this post. I left my 10 year old and 8 year old in the van while I dropped the younger two children off at daycare. I know lock me up now! Mind you, the daycare is attached to a church in a very safe neighbor with no drive through traffic. It is a secure spot behind the church with only one entrance/exit.

While I was walking out of daycare, this older gentleman, who I have never seen before, stops me and asks if I am the owner of the silver mini-van. Uh, yeah, I am. What did my kids do? In my mind, I’m thinking he was mooned, someone stuck his tongue out at him, the two kids were fighting to the death in the back seat….

The story went in a direction that I did not expect. He claims my son was in the front seat trying to move the gears. He went on and on about how dangerous it was, blah, blah… I thanks him for the information but I knew it didn’t sound right. While Peyton may be ornery, he would not try to drive off in my car, right?

As soon as I got into the car, the both kids started telling me about how this weird man tried to get in the car and told them not to mess with the shifter. Come to find out my son was turning on the window wipers which are to the right side of the steering wheel where a gear shift is sometimes located. In my Honda van, however, the gear shift is closer to the radio panel than to the steering wheel. Since it was raining and both kid’s stories matched up, it made complete sense.

So in fact, in an effort to be “safety” conscious, this man freaked my kids out by trying to get in the car and talk to them when he was a stranger to them. I know he was probably harmless but they didn’t know that.

I don’t really know what the point of this story is besides the old man probably went around telling everyone he knew about an untrue story about a kid trying to move the gear shifter while the mom wasn’t in the car….the things that irritate me…

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