Disney World Trip 2010: Lost Kids, Trapped on Rides, and Just Complete Fun!


Of all people, my dad was the one who got us this deal to go to Disney World. My kids have NEVER been and I had been feeling guilty because my oldest child was almost 11 and never had experienced the magic of Disney.  My parents took me to Disney World when I was 10 and I visited Disney Land twice as a teenager.

We stayed off campus at a nice resort. It would be nice to go back and actually stay at a Disney resort for convenience.

We spent day one at the Animal Kingdom, which was cool but very packed. The highlight of the day was seeing Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. She actually touched our stroller as they were going into the back entrance of a ride while we were shopping in a gift shop. They look exactly like they do on tv! 🙂


Day 2 we visited Magic Kingdom. Of course, we were going to try to do it all in one day as we had a plan! We did end up getting to do pretty much everything the kids wanted to do. Of course, our day wouldn’t be complete without losing a kid or two and someone having a amusement ride trauma.

Bri and Kids at Disney

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a bit! We only really lost one child and it was just for a few minutes. Plus, if you lost a child in a crowd, you would want it to be the oldest, who would actually know numbers and be able to remain somewhat calm. (Hannah was quite offended when I suggested that…until I reminded her how much different it could have been if Sofia had been the one to get lost!)


As we were walking out of the Haunted Mansion, we believed Hannah (11) was right behind us. We met up with part of the group that didn’t go on the ride and hung out for a few minutes before anyone noticed Hannah was missing. Remember, it was Spring Break crowded.

Once, I realized she wasn’t there, I started panicking. I don’t think she even had her cell phone with her. However, she did EXACTLY what she was suppose to do. She found a Disney Worker and went to the last place she knew we were at. All was good. She was freaked out a bit and so were we but again, if we were to lose track of any of the kids, I was glad it was the one who was responsible enough to think to find someone to help her.

The kids rode all the fun rides, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Pirate’s, the log ride, and numerous other rides!





Later in the day, we split into two groups. One for the kids who were going to ride the bigger rides and Sofia who wanted to see the princesses.

Well, we never found the princesses exactly but we did find Mickey and Minnie’s house. They even kissed her and then they kissed each other, which she thought was hilarious!

You have to know how to operate the Fast Pass system. We would get fast pass tickets for everyone in our group regardless if they were riding the ride. We made sure to time it so we could go grab another fast pass as soon as it was possible…which leads me to the next adventure….


Even later in the day, we still had some fast passes for Thunder Mountain. We kept waiting at the exit. Waiting. Then I started to silently freak out again because I thought of what had happened to Hannah earlier in the day. However, I knew they knew what they were suppose to do because we had discussed with them all after Hannah’s incident.

We are waiting at the exit. Then we see them start turning guests away. The ride was being shut down for the day because one of the cars was stuck on the track. At this point, we did not know if our kids were on the ride, in line, or what!

I was a little frantic asking security where they were sending people, if anyone was hurt, etc.

After most of the people had cleared, we were really hoping they were the ones trapped on the track!

Most certainly they were! Probably 10 minutes of terror for the parents and grandparents and the boys came hopping down the way….they had received another fast pass for their troubles! 🙂 For any ride! Of course, they wanted to run over Space Mountain across the park to enjoy it!

We stayed to watch the fireworks…the kids could barely stay awake…they were falling asleep in the Peter Pan line. However, I was determined to get our one day’s worth because I knew that it would be hard to drag the adults along again because of the crowds we had endured all day!


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