It is gone, gone, out of here…

Peyty Pie, as I call him, hit his first over the fence home run at last night’s Pee Wee game.

It came at a critical time when we were only up by 2 runs in a close game against a hard hitting team.

We had two runners on base with 2 outs. First pitch, he swung and it was so out of there!

After that beautiful hit, everyone could breathe a sigh of relief in this close game. We want to keep our undefeated season ya know. Cuz, Pee Wee is LIFE.

We couldn’t find his real home run ball so we think it may have fell into the creek but he was given a new ball which one of the coaches scuffed up a bit to make it look like the home run ball.

Now the home run race is on between two of the 8 year olds on our team.

After the game, we celebrated with dinner at the Dairy Queen with no coupons. Our life is consisting of lots of dinners out right now with our hectic schedule!

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