I’ve never made any kind of official list about things I’d like to accomplish/do in life. I hear myself often say, I would love to do that or it is on my “list” without really having a list.

So, after reading Just Heather’s 40×40 list, I’ve been inspired to write my own official list. Since I’m going to be 30 forever, I should have plenty of time to complete this list.

  1. {Completed} Visit New York City.
  2. Go on a girl’s only weekend.
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  4. Plant more trees.
  5. {Completed} Take my kids to Disney World and see their eyes light up with the magic.
  6. Go to a Britney Spears concert.
  7. Take the kids to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum again.
  8. Organize my photos digitally and real photos.
  9. Take a road trip with the family.
  10. Meet Peyton and/or Eli Manning.
  11. {Completed} Travel with a purpose like I did in 2008. (Preferably to Columbia or Africa.)
  12. Visit Texas.
  13. Take a tour of the White House.
  14. Go blonde.
  15. Renovate my kitchen into my dream kitchen.
  16. Take the family to the Wilderness Lodge in Wisconsin Dells again.
  17. Go to the Superbowl.
  18. Be a work at home mom with a flexible schedule.
  19. Take my kids to the Indianapolis Zoo again.
  20. Take my kids to Christmas at the Zoo again.
  21. Get to a healthy weight.
  22. Run a 5K.
  23. {Completed} Get my upper lip hair lasered.
  24. Try golf for at least 18 holes.
  25. Take and pass the CPA exam. (Even though I have no intention of being a CPA!)
  26. Teach a coupon class to share my couponing skills with others.
  27. Visit Maine.
  28. See the Statue of Liberty.
  29. Visit a live taping of the Oprah show.
  30. Go camping.
  31. Visit Machu Picchu.
  32. {Completed} Hike to the top of volcano. (Okay, so I rode a horse half way up, does that count?)
  33. Learn to speak Spanish conversationally.
  34. Ride a camel in the desert.
  35. Make my own jam.
  36. Ski in Colorado or Utah.
  37. Ride my bike on the Monon Trail.
  38. Write a sitcom script. (I already have a great cast of characters.)
  39. Vacation in Hawaii.
  40. Visit a Hot Air Ballon Festival.

Extra Credit (Basically, things that I should have thought of to put on the list but missed somehow!):

  1. Laser Tag

Plumbing Humor: Turd Whisperer

Time for a little break for plumbing humor! There is always something  funny going on around here. Plumbers, really, who are more hilarious than them?

The other day my aunt sent me a texted message:

I am behind a plumbing van. Above the doors it says “Turd Whisperer!” LOL

Hilarious. The most hilarious part is this is part of his advertising campaign. It is pretty funny but I don’t know if I would want that on my work vehicle. Sounds like something more acceptable for a facebook or twitter profile.  Not something we’d be putting on business cards, ya know. Some people just aren’t going to be getting that humor.

Then again, maybe it is brilliant. With all the plumbing companies out there, you aren’t going to forget about the turd whisperer. Next thought, you’ve kind of pigeon-holed yourself into only doing toilet work. What if you are really good at unclogging hairy drains too?

Which got me thinking about another campaign from a popular movie.

There is something strange in your toilet bowl. Who ya goin’ call? The Turd Busters.

It is yet to be determined if my aunt is in Indiana or in Florida right now. So if you live in one of those states be on the lookout for the “Turd Whisperer.”

Heather sent me a tweet stating there is a plumbing business in her area that advertises “We’re #1 in the #2 business!” More proof that plumbers have the best sense of humor about their chosen career path.

Wordless Wednesday 4/15 (Spring Edition)

These are pictures from 2008.

I won’t get to enjoy this tree this year as a bad storm took it out last year. Sadly, we lost three of our Pear Trees last year. Spring is my favorite time for flowers as I love to see my bulbs pop up and trees start flowering.

Wordless Wednesday: 3/18 (Coupon Organization Confessions)

(There is a method to my madness. I want to let you know it doesn’t always look like this – just when I’m getting ready for a big shopping trip.)


Finding a New Pediatrician

After having an appointment with our Pediatrican, we learned the hospital decided not to renew her contract and the practice will be closed by June 1st. If she finds a new position before then, she will probably leave sooner. This is very sad to me as we’ve grown to love our Ped and the entire staff  (love you Max!) over the many years we’ve been patients.

Everyone has their own opinions and her approach wasn’t maybe for everyone. Personally, I prefer a doctor doesn’t use her script pad like it is going out of style. Some people, though, prefer to have a prescription written every single time they see the doctor. You really just have to find a doctor that fits you.

We live in a small town with very little choices. I really prefer to have a Pediatrician treating my children as that is their speciality and they won’t accidentially give you the wrong dosage of samples for  your child which causes you to have to call poison control or prescribe medication you should not take while pregnant. Plus, many of the established doctors are not taking new patients. For now, we are staying with our current Pediatrician but I’m on the look out for a new one as I don’t want an emergency situation to happen and not have an established doctor for my children.

Apparently, I’m going to have to drive at least 20 minutes north or south to find a Pediatrician. Bummer. I loved having one right in town as it was very convenient.

Which brings me to the “Clarian” issue. Since Clarian bought Tipton Hospital, things have been changing and NOT for the better in my opinion. The recently renovated OB department is gone. Even in an emergency they are not equipped to deliver a baby so you might as well just keep driving and not even bother stopping. The Emergency Room is beautiful but they can’t help you in an emergency delivery. I wonder how long before they decide to not renew the OB’s contract?

I’m sure the reason the Pediatrician’s contract was not renewed was all about the money. It doesn’t have to do with caring about the young people in our community or wanting to retain young families. Having a Pediatrician in town, I believe, is a big positive for a small town like ours. If we want to attract young families to substain our town, I believe it needs to offer services for families like an OB department, Pediatrician, etc.

Were you aware of the big price differences between hospital? One procedure may be twice as high as another hospital which just as good ratings. This is true of Tipton Hospital. At my real life job I work closely with our insurance company as we have a self funded plan, and our administrator also commented on how Tipton Hospital was much higher than other hospitals.

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