40 x 40 Updated List

I can cross a few more things off my 40 x 40 list. I’m slowly creeping towards 40 and how many have I accomplished? More than I’ve posted about that is for sure! I will updating this list.

As, I look back on the list, I’m curious as to what I was thinking on some of the items! (Go to  Britney Spears concerts, WHAT?)

The Vicious Cycle of Weight Loss

This picture was taken this fall, 20 lbs lighter than I currently am. So imagine what that thing looks like now.

I really thought that almost 50 lbs I lost in 2008 would stay off because 140 lbs felt good.  Apparently, it doesn’t stay off  if you take a year off from exercising and become a bad vegetarian.

I just have to remember how good it felt to be 140 lbs. It felt good. I felt healthy and looked healthy. I just have to remind myself everyday!

It just seems like I can’t get motivated until I’ve really hit rock bottom. You would have thought I could have convinced myself to get back on track at 150, 160, 170….but I didn’t. I still didn’t feel disgusting** yet.

**Disgusting to me is when my thighs rub together when I walk, when I can’t lay down without my double/triple chin gagging me, it’s hard to tie my shoes because of the impossible muffin top, etc.

I’m back on track as of the end of April. Once I go into something full force, I can’t stop. It’s like an obsession. I just need to get obsessed about running again. Like this –>>>

I could blame it on my blog but let’s face it, it is just another excuse. I have plenty of excuses not to exercise but none of them are good ones.

Wordless Wednesday: Credit Card Art




This is what happens when you get busy

You don’t even realize that your chair looks like something has been chewing on it.

Maybe something was….we do have four kids in the house.

Christmas 2008, my mom bought us this chair.


Because she couldn’t stand to look at these anymore.


Somehow I just didn’t notice how nasty it looked until she pointed it out.


P.S. It only took until September 2009 to get the chair up. On a chance visit, my mom couldn’t stand looking at it in the box anymore so she put it together.

That is what happens when you get busy. You don’t even notice that your chair has been chewed on.

Thanks, Mom!

Hillbilly Wet Bar

Hillbilly Wet Bar

Wordless Wednesday: The Chicken Limo

IMG_0987Classy, eh.

Goals for 2010

I hate to write these things down because I’m afraid I will set myself up to fail. But really, I need to be held accountable. I’ve written about some of my money saving/bargain goals at Bargain Briana. These goals are more personal.

  1. Eat healthier, thus lose these pesky 30 lbs. Since I started my meatless diet last year, I’ve gained weight. Probably because I’m not eating healthy and getting my calories from unhealthy sources like French Fries, Onion Rings, those 450 calorie BK Veggie Burgers. Yes, there is such a thing as an overweight vegetarian. I’m trying though. Solution: Use a FREE program called Spark People to help track my daily calories. There is even a FREE iPhone app, which I’m now addicted too.
  2. Exercise on a regular basis. When I was fit & trim, I was running 3-5 miles several times a week. I need to get back to that. Somehow, I got lazy over the winter, too many excuses, etc. You know the story. Solution: I’m loading new music on my iPhone and using the Nike + iPod app system to track my walking/running. I have to start back at a brisk walk as I’m VERY out of shape. For more toning and lighter exercise, I will play with the Wii Fit Plus. Which, somehow has me at my high school weight and being 119 lbs. Uh, yeah, in my dreams.
  3. Work on my 40×40 plan. I really want to cross some of those things off my list!
  4. Organize myself and my life. I feel if  I can get to that place where I’m organized, then #4 will fall into place. Some of the things I’ve been doing with this is making lists, deeply organizing a room every couple of days, and cleaning as I see things messed up.
  5. Balance blog time and family time better.
  6. Work on that bitchiness I have in me. Think before I snap. Oh, sometimes that is hard since some people deserve it so much!

Sometimes it is so hard to accomplish my goals. I don’t like starting projects unless I know I have time to finish them. But that’s just an excuse. I can sneak 5-10 minutes here and there to finish those projects and in the end those 5-10 minutes will add up.

Same with exercise. My excuse has been I don’t have 30 minutes every day. Okay, maybe I don’t have 30 minutes but isn’t 10-15 minutes better than NOTHING at all. Even 10 minutes will keep my in a routine. So even if I don’t have time to do it “perfect” I’m going to still try to meet these goals.

Wordless Wednesday 9/30


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