Easter Vigil Service: He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed


This was our first Easter Vigil Services as Catholics. This is our one year anniversary in the Catholic Church. We also had more to celebrate as my younger brother (above with his sponsor) joined the church and was baptized at the Easter Vigil Service.

For those that don’t know, I was baptized Catholic, raised in a Baptist type church, and then joined the Lutheran Church with my husband (Bryan) when we first got married. When we joined the Lutheran Church in our town, the pastor was my husband’s best friend’s dad and is one of the main reason we loved the Lutheran Church. He is such a good man and his sermons were very enjoyable to listen to. He is a kind hearted and very compassionate man.

However, we just didn’t feel like we fit in as it seemed to be a more aging congregation. So after a few years of joining, we drifted away.

After awhile, I felt drawn back to my Catholic roots.  As a child, we would attend for special occasions for my relatives. It was always a treat to attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

So, I started attending RCIA classes at our local parish and was encouraged by my parents. My dad is a recent convert and my mom had went back to the church.

I didn’t feel like I knew enough (and honestly still don’t – it is always a learning process!) after a few months of RCIA in 2007 so I decided to take another year of RCIA classes. The second year, my husband decided to join me and on Easter Sunday 2008, we both joined together.

When asked how the service was going to go down, our Priest would just say “Trust me.” Uh, okay. Trust you. I knew something was up with that statement because we hadn’t been married in the Catholic Faith and knew that was kind of a glitch.

So it didn’t surprise me at all when we had to renew our marriage vows in front of the entire Sunday Service but the look of shock on Bryan’s face was priceless. It was very nice and we even had to “kiss” at the end. It was probably the final time we ever kissed in public.

Wordless Wednesday 4/1

My new nephew and husband:
Hubby with our new nephew (born 12-31-08) I was in delivery room!
The new mommy and baby
Peyton and the new baby:
He was born on December 31, 2008 around 11:30pm. Almost a New Year’s baby. I haven’t seen him since January – I’m a bad auntie!

Time Out, I Need to Pick My Nose.

You were probably lured into this post by the title. We will get to that shortly. It will not seem relevant to this post at first glance but you will see….

Since it was nice this weekend, the boys played some baseball. Yes, it is that season already. In fact, our older son’s travel team started practicing indoors in January. So no break in between basketball and baseball in this household.

This will be Eli’s first year to play. He has been talking about it for the past two years. Last year he even worse cleats and an old baseball shirt to almost every one of Peyton’s games.

“When am I going to be five?”

“I can’t wait until I’m five so I can play on Peyton’s baseball team!”

On Saturday, daddy mentioned to the boys in the morning he would pitch them some balls later in the afternoon. Eli was so excited he kept harassing me and asking with a scrunched up nose “When will daddy be home to pitch me some balls?” “Daddy, are you going to pitch me some balls?”

Finally, in the afternoon the boys played some ball in the yard. It was a beautiful day to play outside. I think I even cleaned out my car just to enjoy the day. Anyhoo on to the funny store.

There is always a funny story. If you know Eli, you know you never know what is going to pop out of his mouth and he has the best facial expressions ever.

In the middle of getting pitched balls, Eli had to take a time out to dig for some gold. Apparently, this went on for quite a while. When he found what he needed, it was time again to hit some balls.

I can just imagine this happening during an actual game. Actually, I’m predicting something like that will happen or worse. My prediction:He wil be up to bat during a real game, have to go potty and just whip it out right there. Who knows. Five year olds playing baseball are so entertaining and cute!

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