Wordless Wednesday 3/11 (Youth Basketball is over!)

This is my first Wordless Wednesday! #20 is “mine”. The others are the spectators (my other two babies!)

Huddle Time
Eli at Basketball Game
Donna & Sofia


  1. Hi Briana!
    I signed up on WW.com right under you. I’ve never been to this blog before and am glad to find it!
    Have a great WW!

  2. Welcome to WW…I remember my very first WW post as it was not long ago. What a cute photo:)…innocence is worth capturing!
    My WW is up as well..stop by my blog http://upcountrysmiles.com to see what’ s in the skies for you!

  3. Great pictures of your adorable kids! 🙂 Happy WW! 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Happy WW! What a great picture!!

  5. They are precious. You must be a very proud momma!

  6. Ahh, thanks for sending the link to me. 🙂 I rememer the basketball days of long ago. (our boys are all adults now and our younger daughter has no interest.) Very cute kids! I may have to jump on this Wordless Wednesday thing sometime.

  7. this brings be back! I played basketball with the guys till highschool

  8. Welcome to Wordless Wednesday! I love the pics!! I’m looking forward to (dreading) those youth sports activities!! LOL 🙂

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