And I Only Need a Brain.

(This post was written in early 2010, I just found it in my drafts to be posted!)

It is taking everything I can NOT to go completely ballistic about something that happened at my daughter’s school.


H:  What do we need for class?

Teacher: Your Brain.

H:  Okay, I’ve got that.

Apparently this is a normal question she asks the class. Okay, fine, I mean a brain is important to “bring” with you.

Teacher: Apparently, you left it at home yesterday.

H: What?

At this point she was  probably bawling.

At this point of the story, I was raving mad. Hannah tells me, “It gets worse mom.”

So I listen as I was cursing inside. Even now as I’m writing this my face is hot and I’m angry.

Here’s what happened.

The previous day, the class was in the computer lab working on their poems. The teacher didn’t have time to get around and check everyone’s before printing so she told the kids who hadn’t printed their poems out to leave their station open and she would get it after class.

Hannah leaves computer lab and goes on to the next class.  Thinking nothing of it. The teacher told them to leave it logged in.

Next day, the teacher confronts Hannah after giving her the “brain” one liner. Says she wrote all this nasty stuff on her own paper?


Yeah, you would have had to leave your brain at home to write nasty stuff about your fat butt and ewwwyyyy on YOUR.OWN.PAPER.

Come’on, it doesn’t take a brain to figure she didn’t do it. Luckily, the principal agreed with me and the person who was really responsible was punished.

Moral of the Story:

NEVER leave your computer station open at school even when the teacher tells you to.

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