Plane Crash Dream

I often have dreams about flying on a plane and it crashing. However, the one I had last night was a new one.

I was sitting in my mini van with my youngest daughter sleeping in her car seat. Weirdly, I was sitting on the street I grew up on in front of my childhood home. When I look up into the sky and see a plane do a twist and came crashing down right in front of us. It didn’t land on our van but it was enough to give the car blow back and I heard myself say in my dream….I’m so sorry honey…

Then I woke up startled.

It was disturbing enough that I remembered all those details. Usually, I never remember my dreams. So I googled it and came up with anxiety over a situation you can’t control.

Does it have to do with my brother’s death? I was on the street that we grew up as children…I have no control over that situation…


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