Another Night, Another Basketball Game

Our Friday night was spent at the high school basketball sectional and it did not prove to be as nerve wrecking as Wednesday night in a good way. We won 74 to 14. An awesome win for our team and the boys needed an easy game after the tough physical battle on Wednesday night against Oak Hill. I really enjoy watching my younger cousin play basketball…he’s got the moves! One of the exciting plays he made tonight – he picked a guy’s pocket tonight and just took off for a beautiful lay off. There was no cameras there tonight as the news station had a more competitive game to film – but I wish we had that one on film!

As a parent, though, I felt bad for the other team. How demoralizing to only score 14 points in a tourney game and their faces just look so defeated the entire game. As a parent, I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to watch if you were on the other side. We didn’t run up the score either. During the second half, the coach rotated in junior varsity players and did not play any starters in the fourth quarter. Even our jv team is pretty darn good – they went 17-1 on the season.

So tomorrow night is another “date night” with the basketball team. We take on Guerin Catholic and it will be an more interesting game, I’m sure.

Exciting High School Basketball Game! Blue Devils Beat Oak Hill

Yet again, this year, the Tipton Blue Devils found themselves behind most of the game against a tough Oak Hill Eagles team. Yet again this year, the Blue Devils pulled the game out from under the Eagles in the last few minutes. Watch this video to see my little cousin Craig Greg swoosh a 3 pointer that tied the game up – hear the crowd roar! We play again Friday night. Games like this are bargain entertainment.

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